Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Staying On Top of Your Game

‘I once met a renowned farmer. He was the top in his field. He was the only one.’

How long can you be number 1? Numero Uno? The Chief Poobah?

Maintaining your position or status is one thing, maintaining your performance is another. Performance does not stay static, unless you are experiencing the doldrums or nadir due to injury or illness. That is why we talk about peak performance, timing it to coincide with a major race or competition. We can miss the mark because we failed to time our peak performance. That accounts for the observation that we tend to be fitter after a major race, than before or during it.

How do you stay at the top of your game?

Consistency is one major factor that contributes to prolonged time at peak performance. Repetition and regular practice makes for more perfect games. You may not always bowl Perfect Games (300), yet you can create a sense if readiness and responsiveness for each opportunity. Luck is a term to describe flukes and aberrations of normalcy; you cannot fake poor performance.

The other factors are determination and dedication. Stay committed to your cause and purpose. Reduce your procrastinations. Motivate yourself to do what you set out to do. Keep your eye on the game. Be on the ball. When the going gets tough, keep going. If you can’t secure a personal best timing, then go for the completion. A Disqualification (DQ) has more permanence on your disappointments than a less-than-expected outcome. Do your best. You best only matters.

Like an approach to athletic excellence: go as fast as you can for so long. This may work, as long as you are mentally and physically ready to take on your best, and with the best in your field.

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