Monday, August 27, 2012

TRI-Factor Triathlon 2012

The fourth medal in a 4-piece design. (Photo-credit: Richard Leong)
I was a spectator at yesterday morning’s event. It is, probably, the second last triathlon of the year before the Singapore Triathlon (known formerly as the OSIM Triathlon, and soon the Cold Storage Triathlon). The annual fixture for triathlons in Singapore includes the Singapore Biathlon, Singapore Ironman 70.3, and a few other biathlons such the Aquathlon. More road and off-road running races pepper the race schedules of weekend athletes, including the Army Half Marathon and Singapore Marathon. Yesterday’s triathlon was the culmination of four events that comprised an open-water swim, road bike race, and a 21K road run. I could only complete the swim and ride legs, until my stress fracture (and an Ironman Switzerland completion) relieved me of my duties. I am two medals short of the uniquely-designed collection that formed a large triangle.
Richard had a good showing at a challenging race: a 2:47 finish and 10K PB. (Photo-credit: Richard Leong)
Here is a photo-log of the events during the run leg, as well as post-race activities. Congratulations to Richard Leong for a PB on his 10K run, as well as other friends who finished: Dr Derek Li, Tomoya, G Y Chau, Kenneth Tan and Theryn Tham. A big shout out also to finishers of Team Bandung, especially Andy and Apple!
My swim buddies (from left to right) Kenneth Tan & Richard Leong; with Paully Glassman. (Photo-credit: Richard Leong)

A befitting gesture to a fallen cyclist, just before the flag-off; kudos to the organiser.
 Supporters having fun.
Team Bandung bandits ambushes their team-mates.
Singapore Mad Runner salutes us.
Three of the hairiest runners around.
Masked triathlete with WWE ambitions? Nacho Libre?
Another Blade Runner: a regular personality, next to Shariff Blade Runner. These athletes inspire us!
 'Where were you?' asks one half of the racing couple. He is wearing the Emperor Penguin hat.
The line forms - for speedsters. 
 One of our TriFam lagoon swimmers smiles broadly despite the humiliating heat.
Elite Bicycles buddy, Craig Tucker on his home stretch. This senior executive completed the entire series with commendable timings.
 My alter-ego whizzes past in his PB-making 10K.
 Fit sports professionals pause to chip in for a healthy cause.
 Slogan says it all. Lactic acid all the way in an Olympic Distance triathlon.
 Another regular Master-class triathlete punishes on.
Norseman finisher 2012, Tee BT at end of a 60K easy ride.
Post-race mucking around - recovery.

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