Friday, October 21, 2011

World Tour Swim Clinic With Sheila Taormina

Here is a photo-log of our lecture session with Sheila on Wednesday night. She arrived from Hong Kong for her 18-24 October leg in Singapore; she heads off for Cape Town and Johannesberg immediately after this. 10 members of the TriFam Monday Night Swim will be doing our swim session on Friday with her, and we are excited about testing out her ‘perfected techniques’ that translate to actual speed for us in the near future. In a nutshell, the glide increases stroke time that could be translated instead to a higher rate or shorter stroke. The emphasis is on feel of catching the water, activation of the lats muscles, creating the ‘vortex’, and ‘rolling over the barrel’. You can enquire with Elite Customs for small group sessions still.

Here are highlights of our fun and educational evening:
Everyone had his copy of ‘Call The Suit’ autographed by the Olympic gold-medalist
Finally, I met Sheila who I interviewed a month ago (one of our most read pieces ever).
Everyone got a chance to hold, wear and pose with Sheila’s gold medal that has seen much action (and boosted confidence for children and adults alike)
Master-bike fitter and founder of Elite Customs, David Greenfield wore it around his confident neck
Sheila demonstrating how the swimming bands works best for learning the pull phase of the front crawl
She put such passion into teaching that our hour-long lecture exceeded, much to our appreciation
Photo-credit: Richard Leong (who is also a participant of the workshop)

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