Friday, October 14, 2011

Updates on Running Strategies: The North Face 100 Duo

I have been studying hard the running traits of our top professional triathletes, as well as local runners. My criteria for emulating proper form are economy of moves, fluidity of action, and being injury-fee.

These are my recent lessons on running, and modifications I have made to enhance my running ability on road:

1)    Run in minimalist shoes: the flatter the better. Worn-out shoes are fine as long as your shoe-soles are intact and not peeling apart.
2)    Land on your mid-sole, not so much on forefoot (it strains the toes, and may cause fractures).
3)    Keep your feet close to the ground at all times.
4)    Expand your chest by keeping your arms to your sides; expand your diaphragm. Stand tall.
5)    Vary your runs with tempo that range from easy to moderate to race-pace.
6)    Include one long run a week (at least 21K).
7)    Race at least once every fortnight, or do a time-trial of 5K, 10K or 21K.
8)    Include water-run (in 1-metre high water), barefoot with high-cadence or intervals – push with arms as if sprinting to get more upper-body resistance.
9)    Run intuitively – without a stopwatch – to assess your race-pace and optimal pace.
10) Run without 10K without hydration (done before hand), and hydrate regularly at aid-stations with distances above 10K.

It is back to the drawing board for me for my next Boston Qualifier (BQ) of 3:24:00: nothing extreme, merely some refinements. I believe I am on-track for a BQ in Singapore, where it is, probably, the least expected. I have learnt to respect the heat and humidity of the country, and I train by the beachside where most triathlons and long-distance races occur. My key races for the next few months will include:

TNF 100 Duo (50K); Newton 30K Run; Singapore Marathon; Singapore Biathlon; Duathlon; Ironman New Zealand 2012.

With the TNF 100 Duo this Saturday, I intend to pace myself steadily with no pressure on myself, since I am unfamiliar with the course. Also, I am not fully trained for trail or cross-country terrain. I intend to walk up steep and slippery slopes, and jog done carefully. My tactical approach is to recover lost ground on the flats and roads. I will determine if I can get close to an even split time with a moderated first 25K. If I can get sub-6 hour timing, it will be a major achievement for me. I have run almost every evening this week, so my legs are primed for some hardcore off-road action.

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