Friday, October 28, 2011

The Next Big Hit

I am not referring to a musical hit, but rather the next physical challenge I will be taking on Sunday. The Newton 30K/18K Run will be held at the Big Splash. It will be my last big hit at the punch-bag of preparatory races before the Big Dance on 4 December in Singapore.

Just two Saturdays ago, I raced in the TNF100 Duo, and am still recovering from it. I am experiencing symptoms of a cough, as my throat has been scratchy after four days of teaching workshops. I managed at last night’s post-rain 10.5K tempo run, to hold a 4:50-4:55 minute per kilometre pace. Hopefully, this was a positive sign of better things to come. My training for IM New Zealand has begun; I rode a moderate 75K in the rain and shine on Wednesday, so am done for the week until Sunday’s burst of mid-foot/forefoot speed. My mobile-phone took a soaking and it is now dead as a door-knob.

Wilson Ang will be one of the posted sentries at the mileage tent at car park C4. Together with a team of our friends, he has offered to release nutritional support aids we would leave him with on Sunday morning. He posted this reminder on Facebook for our team of runners from Monday Tri Swim:

‘We are located at C4 car park after McDonalds. We will pick up special needs bag from the start-point at 6.30-6.45am. Kindly label your special needs bag with your name, and I can be contacted on that day. Cold mist-spray, banana, cold water, deep heat (while stocks last) are provided at the aid station...come smile, take a photo and chill for a break before the second loop or your last final leg!’

With such assurances, how can we runners not do well? Thanks, Angster for your generosity. Fingers crossed for a splendid and safe race!
Photo-credit: Jacky Lee

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