Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snapshots of Runaway Moments

This Friday, our group of regular swimmers will enjoy an evening swim clinic with Olympic gold-medalist, Sheila Taormina. She will be hosted by David Greenfield of Elite Customs – customized bike manufacturer and master-bike fitter. We interviewed Sheila last month, and her interviewed earned one of our largest readerships of all time. The former-triathlon world champion will be on a world tour for her swim clinics.

My legs and feet were stiff and sore when I awoke this morning, since it was less than 24 hours after ceasing all intense activities. Despite one mild bloody blister on a right toe, I had zero abrasions. The Elite Customs (Panache) bicycle-top I wore under my water-pouch protected me from any welts or chaffing. I have been feeding my body with high calories from a wide variety of food groups, drinking antioxidant-loaded berry drinks, and ginger (for its anti-inflammation properties). I did some walking (skipped the three bus-stops altogether as the wait was longer), and deep stretches and succumbed to a well-deserve nap. According to an episode of ‘The Doctors’, it appears that pure tart cherry (for making pies) juice does wonders in reducing muscle soreness. I bought a bottle of POM Pomegranate Juice as it has the highest antioxidant value from Giant supermarket and consumed a glassful. I also supplemented my nutritional needs today with ginger and raw salmon.

My thanks go to Freddy Yeoh for his aid-station where I got a photograph, two cans of Coke, and iced-water. I endeavour to return the favour to this enduring endurance athlete and his thoughtful friends in the future. Ironman Austria finisher, Roger Chow also staked his shop at Water-Point 4 where he offered me iced-cold Milo and some savoury food – thanks, buddy!

Here are some photographs taken by our caring and alert photojournalists during the TNF100 run yesterday. These shutterbugs braved the often-sheering heat and heady humidity to capture a moment in each runner’s personal challenge. They do it out of their passion for immortalising memories, and recognition for the participants. I think it is synergy and synchronicity at work.

Do you give credit where credit is due? The least we can do when we use intellectual copyright materials is to make a request for use, or provide a mention. There are many generous people in our social network who render their help on their own accord. Yesterday, I witnessed runners stopping to assisting badly cramping runners at the side of the running route. These displays of consideration were priceless within a physically tough day.

They say that photographs are a mirror of one’s sides. Here are some perspectives of our especially long day, yesterday. Thank you all the lens-people for making what we do feel important.
Photo-credit: Joe Cheung (Me giving the Double-One as I earn my second wind)
Photo-credit: Chris Voo (Me traipsing through the abundant greenery)
Photo-credit: Andy Ng (With my faster run buddy, Hui Koon, #127)

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