Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Discourse On Personal Discipline

Discipline is a necessity when rules are to be adhered to. Rules convey a sense of control and predictability. Yet, rules have been broken because discipline to follow them becomes compromised or exhausted. When we become defensive, defiant and disagreeing we express our dismay with rules (which pose a large degree of rigidity, structure and order). Rules are expressed through tradition, custom and convention.

Endurance athletes, particularly, triathletes are creatures of habit. We tend to veer from the unfamiliar. The discipline is rigorous insofar as the early-morning wake-ups, to exercise on a discipline, be it swim, ride or run. It is so enticing to sleep in, as this sport/recreation is a choice. Yet, if we are to excel in any of the disciplines or to enhance overall fitness (for competition), then we are to decide if we are to train, or not. When a recreation becomes  a lifestyle, it is more than a chore. It should evolve into a necessity rather than nicety, choice instead of chore.

Being disciplined is hard, at times. However, when we commit to a purpose we can stay true to our compass of planning, focus and excellence. Rules are hard to comply with, because they challenge our sense of self and freedom. Yet, there we are free to exercise our freedom of choice in our actions and behaviors. Discipline is about doing things that we may loathe, yet help build our ability to be better. The road to personal mastery is paved with discipline. Listen to your coach, mentor and teacher - and lead with your ability to be tough, resilient, determined and diligent.

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