Thursday, June 14, 2012

What Is Your Achilles Heel?

‘Then you better strengthen every part of your body.’ ~ BRUCE LEE

In the film ‘Troy’, the fearless warrior Achilles is finally subdued when an arrow severs his tendon. Thus, the term ‘Achilles Heel’ is used in our language today as a potential ‘weakness’.

Through the rehabilitative sciences, we learn through ‘muscle-testing’ and the treating of injuries that muscle imbalances can be a major cause for muscle damage. When agonist and antagonists are heavily imbalanced, muscle sprains and strains can occur. This is akin to conflict within relationships. Push or pull, may lead to strain and pain. The purpose of holistic and systematic training and monitoring is to ensure the best performance while reducing the risks associated with doing your best.

By focusing on strengthening yourself (body, mind and ‘spirit’), you will then reduce the ‘chinks in your armour’. When you go into battle (of the mind or body), you need to ensure that you are armed and ready. Your training prepares you for most eventualities, so that you stay alert and attentive to every opportunity to strike. In a conversation, you express your strength through values like conviction, strength of purpose, and fortitude. You can also express your strength through your assertiveness. In this way, you can strengthen your relationships through time with your shared knowledge, wisdom, and related experiences. One useful way of  strengthening your relationships is to propagate and promote a community of learning on the social media platform.

Leadership Lessons: What is your Achilles Heel? What do you have weakness for? Are you able to suspend your personal desires for professionalism? What are you doing to develop capability? How are you reducing potential risks to your profession, career and business? How do you position yourself in order to win in the 'battle for the minds'?

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