Friday, May 25, 2012

Plans Change & We Have To Move On!

The race-route for tomorrow's midnight marathon has been modified. The flag-off timings were also adjusted, thus the reporters decided to take an interesting (albeit emotional angle) at the response. It is natural to be upset if you are participating. Surely it affects one's plans of an earlier race, and a projected earlier departure for home. However, plans can change when other agents of change, as well as jury of decision-makers, are involved. The abject lessons of a consumer of public races include the caveat 'buyer beware', plans do shift, and move on/not. We have the power to proceed with our original plans, or be stifled by our lack of flexibility and open-ness to change. In the film 'Forrest Gump' the idiot-savant was asked: 'Shit. It happens?' He replied: 'All the time!' 
Conditions can change. Organisers can warn us of eminent change. Few things are permanent and we need to operate based on information in a timely way. It is important to be updated in a timely fashion, be well-informed, and act on the new information. Sloth can be a heavy burden to carry on the legs of a tired runner. Rain or shine, stay focused on the goals in mind. Have a good race!

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