Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do You Take Enough Of Such Nutrients?

In the sports of endurance, our body undergoes much physical and mental stress. Complete rest (mainly sleep) and full recovery is one of the major keys to progress and performance. Nutrition is the other crucial leg in the tripod of sporting performance, if we are to continue to improve and attain our personal bests. Longevity is the goal of many lifestyle athletes, as well as serious amateur athletes.

In these processed-food-dense times, there are 12 key nutrients that can help us retard the premature aging process. These include:

1)    Vitamin D
2)    Astaxanthin (from a microalgae)
3)    Ubiquinol (Co-enzyme Q10)
4)    Fermented foods/Probiotics
5)    Krill Oil
6)    Vitamin K2
7)    Magnesium
8)    Polyphenols
9)    Folate (Vitamin B9, or Folic Acid)
10) Vitamin B12
11) Curcumin (Tumeric)
12)Vitamin A

How many of these anti-aging nutrients are you consuming? How much of your foods are natural-based? How deliberate are you in reducing your processed food intake? Defy the hands of time, and reverse your chronological clock!

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