Saturday, April 21, 2012

Splitting the Difference

When was the last time you split the difference?

In negotiations, splitting the difference is about making and giving concessions. You make ‘compromises’, or ‘shared promises’. If you do this for me, I’ll do this for you. When you give me this, I’ll give you…

We are familiar with group meals, where we go Dutch, and pay for our own share. However, splitting the difference may mean sharing the total costs, with you ending up paying a little more. Now, if generosity is the name of your game, then this extra difference that you give expresses your willingness to compromise.

Today, I split my Ironman training workout into two sessions. I did 90 minutes running and swimming in the pool. It comprise 10:10 run/swim bricks, that is I ran for 10 minutes than followed it up with 10 minutes of front crawl swimming. I ran these sets, one after the other, with no rest.

In the evening, I rode almost two hours with 3 sets of 10 minutes on the highest gear. On arriving, I did 20 minutes of strength & conditioning (mainly CrossFit) with the balance-board and kettle-bell. I am pleased with my effort, and await tomorrow’s early group ride. We’ll share the workload pulling the pack, for that is what riders do to return the favour of drafting behind another rider.

Split the difference.

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