Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Countdown to the London Olympics 2012

Don't we just love our Moms? Rise and shine for the new sporting star in July & August!
July will be an exciting month since the London Olympic Games 2012 will be on. This once-in-four years sporting spectacle, promises new achievements and, perhaps, a few world records. The Opening Ceremony tends to be the highlight, as it gives viewers and spectators a strong taste of things to come. I was a guest at the British High Commission (in Singapore) in 2006 when the bidding was made, and it was a significant event. I was also in London at Covent Garden, when they shot the official trailer video of the London Olympic Games. Subsequently, we won the bid to organize the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore, and I was honoured to run (with hundreds others) with the Olympic Torch, and officiate in one of the games.

Due to the importance of this major global event, the Berlin Marathon has been pushed backwards (30 September) to allow the top marathoners to recover fully. The current world record for Men's Marathon (2:03:38, Patrick Makau, Kenya) was set on this flat, fast and scenic course that is punctuated with historical monuments. I look forward to racing with thousands others, and experience an attempt by the professionals on the world record once again.

Most of us who are unable to attend the Games can still do it from the privacy of our homes, as ‘live’ telecasts and online streaming sites will be featuring the fortnight of sports drama. The families of the athletes must surely be excited and proud. To be able to participate in a century-old sporting event, representing your country is an experience to be relished and remembered. Even as a spectator, you are immersed in the competitive air as fans cheer their favourite teams on.

May the best team win, and hopefully, friendships will be forged after the games. Otherwise, on the track, field, court or pool the athletes have to be focused and put their ‘game face’ on. Game on!

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