Friday, February 17, 2012

Working With Whatever Washes Your Way

Swimming in open-water (river, sea or lake) has its moments of danger and excitement. For one, there are no guides except the persons north, south, east and west of you. For another, you may not get the best visibility of what is below you. The sense of danger lurks at any moment from a swift, deft kick to the face or torso from an oblivious swimmer to strong waves that threaten to toss you over like a capsized boat.

Nevertheless, swimming in natural elements can be an achievement. Malaysia hosts the Kapas-Marang point-to-point, island-land 6.5K Swim. It is a relatively safe warm-water swim, where you need to be self-sufficient and hydrated. Survival skills for open-water is a must, and a competency that may just save your Speedo-ed behind when waters around you turn temperamental. The ability to stay calm and composed is a requirement in case the conditions for swimming change. With experience and time, and swimming with reliable swimmers you may just accomplish a deeply satisfying goal.

Leadership Lessons: How often do you switch you resilience on? How much of your values of tenacity, adaptive, choice, composure and decisiveness do you activate? Swimming through tough times may just strengthen our resolve to build the capabilities and potential of our team. Wade through shallow waters, then test the deeper waters and stroke through with smooth and fluid strokes. Stay alert to danger, and enjoy gliding through the environment for it may be supportive. Swim through the floatsam and jetsam of confusion, and make sense of it. You don’t have to understand everything, all the time.

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