Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Early Days of IMNZ 2012

Good day to all!
Day 2: Auckland City, en-route to Lake Taupo - home of Ironman New Zealand. It will be just under five hours before we arrive. The main posse has staked their claim there, mainly Matthew, Wilson, Clifford, Chris and Winston.
I bumped into Winston on business class, as I made my dainty way to the rear of the plane. He is recuperating from illness and last weekend's Tokyo Marathon, and he hopes to complete the 226K triathlon. Chris Smith was at the last row with his wife, in positive spirits.
I am fully recovered from Monday's deep-tissue massage, and my calves are released from tension (incurred from Saturday's final spin, and Sunday's tempo run). Coach has prescribed my tapering week's program, more short sessions to tune up my body. Friday is a rehearsal of all three stations, necessary for preparing the body for the assault on Saturday. I have found that a short session prior to the race, enhances my body's readiness to race. Hong Kong Marathon 2011, where I scored a BQ/PB, was made with a treadmill/bike session about 12 hours before the race!
Tomorrow morning, I will do my wet-suit swim with various intensities. It is supposed to my rest day. I will fix up my bike and bring it for a ride later this evening, and do a short run (with some short bursts in-between).
More on the race fair tomorrow.

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