Sunday, April 24, 2011

Loops, Actually!

This morning, I completed 15 loops of the infamously boring Selarang Loop. It was a simple circuit of about 4K, with a few rolls thrown in on what is known as the Selarang Hill. Not too far away, is a renowned rehabilitation centre that organizes the annual Yellow Ribbon Run.

Prior to my first attempt at Ironman Lanzarote, I worked up to 23 loops (I started with 6, then 13, then 23). When done as a continuous series of loops, it is akin to a hilly course. Singapore is a fairly flat country where the tallest hill is less than 200 metres high! This morning, as part of my preparation for Lanzarote 2011, I was aiming for 30 loops, however mild distractions led me to decide on an alternate course of action. I am recovering from my head cold, yet I still have the occasional nasal dribble that makes it inconvenient to discharge when there are riders or vehicles behind me.

It may sound insane to do a series of boredom-inducing loops, yet that is the very essence of a multiple-Ironman event. The reason why the Triple-, Quadruple- and Deca-Ironman races are held on a closed circuit is to ensure safety of the riders and runners. The ultra-swim is held in a pool as laps can be counted and the participants are always in complete view of technical and safety officials.
Yesterday’s run clinic (organised through Core Concepts & Back2Sports) was fun. I walked the small group through pre-race training, pre-race preparation, and race-day tactics. This was a precursor to a larger clinic I will present, one day before I fly off to Lanzarote. I am looking forward to the clinic, as there is much to share on running your first half-marathon. 21K is not something you will balk at, as it is a long endurance activity. Kudos to those who signed up and started training for your first half-marathon!

I will sleep early tonight, as I will be leading a run with two other runners tomorrow at 7.30am. Sleep is under-rated, but it is, probably, the most important element that keeps us healthy and fit. Compromise sleep, and we risk all the hard work we have put in for a race.

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