Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leadership Branding

What are qualities of leadership worth considering? Staff will look to leaders for guidance. Colleagues measure each other through our daily interactions. We are judged, and judge others through our communications over the telephone, e-mail, text messages (SMS), presentations, reports, participation and involvement in workplace-related matters.

1) Be confident, clear and committed.

2) Have values that others relate to.

3) Love all, serve all (adapted from the Hard Rock Café).

4) Do good. Be good (a spiritual tenet).

5) Project yourself through your behaviors.

6) Be certified in a unique skill/methodology.

7) Present your abilities and capabilities through your voice, eyes, body, feet and hands.

8) Focus on people’s thinking and feelings (IQ & EQ).

9) Be different: stand out, stand up, stand for something, and withstand challenges and distractions (Yardley and Kelly).

10) Enjoy what you do. Express your passion in your profession.

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