Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stay Earthed But Not Lie Low!

When you are described as 'earthed', it means that you are grounded in sound values and beliefs. In Mandarin, ‘earthed’ means being ‘sensible, practical and realistic’. In electrical terms, earthed means safe as it directs charges towards the ground. Our character is determined by how we treat others. How we express our values, and behave towards another person is how we will be judged.

Moonshi Moshenruddin did not attend college. And, from a toilet cleaner he now is the CEO of an IT infrastructure firm, CommGate. Describing himself, he said, ‘I am committed to master and I don't tolerate mediocrity. I dare to fight the good fight.’

Start small, and contribute big. Here is a way to enhance our natural environment at low tide. If we think systematically, every action of ours has a consequence. Both inaction and action matter. Our planet has a run-out date, yet we need not accelerate its aging and over-consumption.
Google’s Earth Day tribute shows a dynamic banner comprising flowers and a garden patch. It morphs gradually, like a blooming bush. Do your part in sustaining our planet. Talk to a farmer. Chat with an agriculturist or gardener. Go to the botanical gardens. Build your own vegetable, herb and flower garden. Buys seeds. Discover farmer markets around your community.

All the best to the participants of Ironman South Africa! Have a safe and eventful race. It has been a choppy swim, and rainy and windy ride so far.

Stay earthed. Dig deep. Tap in.

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