Friday, April 27, 2012

Warming Up For Performing Up

Warm-ups before a training session or race is vital to how well you may perform. Cold, tight, muscles can suffer strain or sprains. Your body can be put into shock when you, suddenly, impose intensity of movements.

Warming up, as it is more scientifically known, is the process of gradually increasing your body temperature through activity. An easy jog, followed with limbering exercises, is intended to increase the body’s temperature, increase blood circulation to the active muscles, and accustom the heart to increased pumping. Contrary to misconception, stretching is not exactly warming up. It may be part of the warming up process, yet it is not, in itself, a warm-up. Deep stretching can be counter-productive and cause your muscles to lose tone, and not be able to exert its optimal strength. Warming up is a thoughtful and deliberate process, that is tantamount to preparing for your best performance.

Experienced performers and presenters also use warming up. Vocal exercises activate the muscles involved in delivering the best sound your larynx can produce. Singers and speakers go through a routine of stretching the tongue, lips, cheeks and throat. Part of warming up also enhances alertness of your brain before a presentation or meeting. This aspect is, unfortunately, overlooked and taken for granted. Rehearsals are an integral part of the warm-up, and helps total recall during delivery of keynotes and speeches. Mental warm-ups also work as we make connections with the content, as we read a mind map or flip the pages of a workbook or PowerPoint slides.

Do your warm-up, and enjoy revitalized results!

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