Friday, April 20, 2012

Rumours Stay As Rumours Until Validated

A marvelous mash-up of Adele's two hits on TV hit series, GLEE.
Malicious gossip and unbridled rumours remain as such, until proof is found or the truth is out. In every corporation there are instances where the grapevine or rumour-mill propagates stories that tickle one’s fancy. Sometimes, it is true; yet other times, they remain dubious and diabolical. Left unattended by the naive and ignorant, these secondary sources of information can be destructive to careers and private lives.

Celebrities have their biographies or memoirs authored and published, to put the lies to bed. This documentation may provide first right of doubts vanquished, since it comes from the actual source. However, truth be told such airings of public laundry may still be viewed with suspicion and further doubt. Sometimes, the best way to quell rumours is to ignore it, until such time when the perpetrators become bored, or seek new material to amuse themselves. Yet, silence may not be golden, when fans or critics demand proof of legal dismissal, or until the guilty admits their mistake.

To this end, the alleged drug-cheats in sports remain victims of journalistic sport, who may have the financial means and meanness, to be rescued by their self-designed PR machinery (namely, tweets, blog-posts, e-mail blasts, and FB updates). Stories of politicking and back-stabbing continue to feed the frenzy of the voyeuristic masses through online forums, blogs, and the ubiquitous and terrifying social media platform. So, did he or did he not? Stay tuned to your tweets, and read what's trending now.

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