Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adaptive Training

Adaptation and flexibility are values for change.

When conditions change, we will need to consider responding. How we are responsive to these shifts in environment determines our success. Pro-active or reactive can spell different results. When one is intelligent and creative enough, he can blend with the surroundings or establish his presence in the larger scheme of things. Adapt or perish; change or be in a stale-mate. Move from indifference to making a difference. 

Transforming your ordinary moments into the extraordinary. Create more meaning around the mundane. Build choices from relative limitations. Offer others a similar contract. Reframe dramas and crises into learning events. What can you learn from each event? How do you make sense of confusion? How do you create opportunities from disappointments? Take small steps. Step up to the challenge. Step into the unknown. 

Adapt and appreciate the value or evolution and progress. Adapt, adopt and be adept.

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