Thursday, June 4, 2020


The past 6 months has been challenging, to say the least. Most of us may still be Working-From-Home (WFH), and figuring out what our future holds for us. A viral pandemic of such epic proportions has hit us - hard - and with such unfamiliarity and ferocity that it boggles our minds, and shakes our hearts.
Yes, we are living in a time of fear (personal and even, shared), mired with confusion, misinformation, prejudices, ignorance and emotional turmoil. We may be resetting our compasses as others may be running about like 'headless chickens'. And, we cannot blame anyone, specifically, for we have to deal with the matter at hand. What can we do, individually and collectively, to reset and/or recalibrate our lives?
In the next few days and weeks, I will share with you my tacit experiences and wisdom on how we may manage our attitudes and actions towards the prevailing situation. Instead of dreading and complaining, we can take small steps towards regaining our 'personal power' and 'empower' others in the process of creating a global' New Norm'.
Meanwhile, let us move away from 'waiting and hating', and focus on 'moving and appreciating'. Let us be grateful for what we already have, and figure out ways to move towards a more promising future. Let us consider 3 relevant and pragmatic approaches that we can [now] take:
1)    KEEP MOVING: Movement is life. Biology is based on 'moving'. Work. Keep busy with activity. Small actions add up. Talk to smarter people. Bounce ideas off Subject-Matter Experts. Write letters. Pitch a proposal. Apply for a job. Create a new job description (scope). Sell your abilities and capabilities. Exercise. Exercise your options.
2) HAVE CLARITY OF FOCUS: Focus is how we amplify our 'light', so that it becomes intense. Possessing and harnessing on 'laser-like clarity' can illuminate on new opportunities and options. Focus can be enhanced by doing ONE THING AT A TIME. If you ever juggled, you would have learnt that juggling is a complex activity that teaches us to SHIFT OUR FOCUS. This can helps us engage our DECISIVENESS. (Scroll back to my hundreds of posts over the past 12 years of this blog, and you will find my acquired wisdom on DECISION-MAKING and CALCULATED RISK-TAKING).
3) BUILD ON YOUR POTENTIAL: Now is the best time to integrate as much learning, and building of skills and wisdom as you can. Enrol in an online course. Begin with a short-course. Many courses are FREE. Go to EDX to find out more. Many universities are providing modules that are free, affordable, and that may lead to a certificate, diploma, degree (and post-graduate level). Learn new skills. Learn to fix things. Learn to use an online platform or tool (Zoom is popular). Read. Watch documentaries. Write. Apply for an online scholarship, or entry to an institution of your dream. Acquire a new hobby. The results of your Continuous Learning can SAVE YOU ON EXPENSES.  
I will share more, shortly.
Meanwhile, keep safe and be healthy.

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