Sunday, February 10, 2013

Status on Ironman New Zealand 2013

All is well.  At least where my preparation for Ironman New Zealand 2013.

I am consistently training, six out of seven days. I am registering about 13-15 hours per week, with at least two sessions of swim, ride and run. Yesterday, I ran 2:30 and rode 1:45. An hour ago, I completed a 3-hour ride on the indoor-trainer. I have one more long block to complete before I start tapering. 

People have asked me: Do you have an off-season? Technically, I don't, however I do have racing season and maintain my fitness year-round. I enjoy my lifestyle which includes physical fitness, travel and racing - triathlons offer me these opportunities, and large variety of choices. I am grateful to be able to breathe normally, and not be stifled by too many diseases and allergies. Aging does present with it, new challenges to manage.

My fundraising efforts for Breath4CF (Breath For Cystic Fibrosis) have bore fruit recently, with increasing numbers and interested sponsors. I am stoked, and will use this positive energy to sustain my final three weeks of training. No amount is too small. Every dollar will, optimistically, go towards initiatives that work the physical fitness of kids with cystic fibrosis. 

Thank YOU, dear Sponsors! The Kids and I thank you with all our breaths!

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