Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Play It B.I.G. - Bold, Integrated, Goals!

Start setting goals and achieving them! Procrastination robs you of the joy of enjoying your achievements and accomplishments. Plan ahead, and plunge headlong into new experiences, insights, sensibility and ability.

Set out B.I.G. Bold, Integrated, Goals. Play it big. Play small, and make incremental gains. Play it large, and you may enjoy accelerated and amplified results and outcomes.

Commit to playing it BIG! You can immerse yourself in some serious goal-setting and goal-scoring. Consider these possibilities:

1) Seek new knowledge, and apply it.
2) Earn and learn from further education.
3) Learn new skills.
4) Achieve mastery in an existing skill/ability.
5) Join a tribe: Band together for a common purpose.
6) Support a community benefit/cause.
7) Active network and build an active network of connections.
8) Remove traces of useless procrastination.
9) Test your tensions, tolerances and thresholds.
10) Explore and discover new worlds and mysteries.

However, to ensure success of these goals we can enlist the help of a support group. Engage close friends and confidants who are honestly critical and fiercely insistent of our success. They can be our guide to attaining goals, and create tangible value for those around us, whilst making people around us feel valued. Goals can extend and expand their relevance and meaning, when we involve others and have them share our values.

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