Friday, September 7, 2012

The Values In Customer Relationships

Values matter. When somebody violates our values, we become alert and cognizant of that. Even the insurance industry realizes that it is about promoting the values of ‘being sure’, ‘certainty’, ‘being insured’, and ‘assurance’. Having stated that, what about continued business that focuses on ‘reassurance’? What can we do to ensure that our clients think and feel assured about their buying choices and decisions?

Nobody likes to feel foolish about his/her buying decisions. Yet, we occasionally do fall prey to clever advertising and marketing. How can we bypass these unpleasant experiences and create new and pleasant ones for them? How can we assist our clients to feel more valued about this worthy relationship with us? Endear and endure to create responsively useful relationships, instead of reactively ‘fearful’ ones. Create reliability, responsiveness and a sense of responsibility. Give value, and add more value. Your purpose behind your value offerings matter, too. Do this well, and your customer will be reciprocal in his/her relationship with you.

Create your own personalised, conversational scripts. Instead of sticking rigidly to a prescribed speech or spiel, write your own dialogue. Speak from your heart. Be heartfelt and thankful for their business. Be arm but avoid raising temperatures. How would you provide advice and counsel to a person you value and care for? How would you create attention and make your sharing session an attractive one? Once you meet this criterion, clients are more likely to attain, and attain again. That is the process of ‘customer loyalty’.

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