Friday, August 3, 2012

Holding Back and Being (A) Patient

‘If it hurts – stop – and think about slowing down.’

It’s been harped and haloed as a harangue: Be patient. Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a useful value, especially when one activates stubbornness. My stubborn streak is born of knowledge and experience. So, I get opinionated when it comes to certain subjects of my expertise. I am obstinate when it comes to taking my advice, sometimes. In this case, I allowed myself to listen to my advice uttered by a professional (with inherent credibility).

I have initiated medical proceedings: I had my sports injury accessed by a sports doctor at the Changi Sports Medicine Centre. I appreciated my new doctor’s battery of diagnostic testing which isolated a possible cause. Because I have a low arch, and I pronate my feet a fair bit, I have strained a muscle in my lower-leg. To assure myself, I opted to do an MRI of my foot this afternoon. Hopefully, after my MRI images are looked at, I can be clear and exact about my condition and attend to it.

Meanwhile, I will lay of impactful activities so it will be mostly swimming and cycling. I will begin physiotherapy work on my foot next week. Podiatry is another option I may to consider. When you age, and partake in strenuous sports activities, your body undergoes specific changes including posture and supporting muscles. Muscle imbalances are common afflictions that can be managed with dedication and discipline.

Two months more to Berlin Marathon and I will have to bid my time until I fully recover, which may be before or after this crucial race. Better to be fully healed than exacerbate my uncomfortable situation. I strongly my base aerobic fitness will back me up, once I can resume more weight-bearing activities, especially running. I hope to hear good news next week, and I stay optimistic and hopeful.

Meanwhile, exercise safely and be patient about your gains.

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