Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s Great to Be Back!

Greetings, Readers!

I just got in tonight, and after a quick feed I am focused on getting this blog back on time. I noticed readership has fallen somewhat, and I expected that as I could not blog, tweet or go on Facebook.

Over the last five days, I taught two days of leadership that completed the whole course that stretched over four weeks. I learnt new things from teaching this company-specific, core leadership course. Concrete learners need answers in the form of guided solutions and strategies. It seems that abstract learning is challenging, and harder to extract from workplace conversations. I also enjoyed the sharing sessions of two senior managers. I enjoyed modeling their strategies (and techniques) for working in teams, making decisions, balancing work and life, and attributes of leaders.

I enjoyed my experience at the onsite, Terracotta Warriors Museum. I walked all three pits and noticed the distinctions. I also got up close and personal with the last surviving farmer who discovered what is regarded as the Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World. I will post photographs and my thoughts over the next few days.

This week will be the pre-Youth Olympic Games trials, and testing on the competition venue. More reports here - stay tuned!

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