Saturday, January 30, 2010

Diving Off The Deep End

Yesterday, I talked about jumping to conclusions. How about diving into the deep end?

When you learnt to swim, I’m sure that you did not begin by diving into the deep end of the pool! Instead, you started your swim induction in the shallow end. Shallow and deep are on both sides of the spectrum of meaning, commitment and measurement.

I remember when I was about 17 years old I had to jump off a springy plank off a jetty and into the dark and foreboding sea. It was part of my Outward Bound Singapore sea-worthy, syllabus. It was a tough decision I had to make; all my peers were watching me and waiting for me to dismount. Later, in military school I had to rappel off a five-storey tower. Much later, or more recently, I swam in many water bodies that ranged in temperature, salinity and depth. Having watched Steven Spielberg’s Jaws a few times, does give me that edge when I swim in the open sea at triathlons. Fear can make us alert, and give us that much-appreciated nudge.

Doing something daring, or that may attract undue attention, or criticism may deter most people. It takes guts and much thought to do something new, or outrageous. Today, I shared my draft manuscript of my book ‘The Way of the Triathlete’ with a few confidants – it was not easy for me, I assure you. However, I do believe strongly that the feedback will make it a much better book. I hope to get a few meetings with potential publishers to get more insights on my material. I could procrastinate only for so long.

When was the last time you dove off the deep end?

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