Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Those Race Participants In Their Colourful and Tight Attire

I could not resist posting this, as it comes as a timely reminder to those attempting their first (certainly not last) Ironman triathlon. Having completed a race recently, I appreciate and fully knowledge my partner for constantly looking out for my interests and safety.

I believe that the 10 points mentioned on this t-shirt summarises the ordeal our Iron-mates (a.k.a support crew) have to bear. I admit I do have a preference for designing ‘racations’ (#6), that is, a race combined with a vacation. The trouble with racations is, the vacation only begins a day (at its earliest) after the event (marathon, triathlon) has past. By that time, your body may not be in optimal state to walk fast, especially downstairs; or hold a drinking-glass to your lips, after a long-distance open-water swim.

And, when you can create some mobility in your arms and legs, give full credit to your Iron-mates and shower them with full recognition. Our personal achievements mean less without they being around us.

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