Sunday, July 8, 2012

Listening To Your List

We have written about using lists and even designing our own Bucket List. What else do we need to know about the listing of important tasks and priorities? Even Santa Claus’s list has been audited annually for any inconsistencies and miscreants. Do the crime, and do the time.
Have you considered your internal list? That is the list that we all subscribe to, now and then. This list includes our: dreams, aspirations, wishes, values, doubts, worries, unhappiness, and suspicions. We need to manage this internal list, which can upset our equilibrium of our mental health, confidence, spirit, and trust in our world. What bothers you most in life? What are you struggling with? Which aspects of your achievements are you most proud of?

Listen closely to your list. Sometimes, our mind reminds us to listen in to our ‘list of demands’. It is natural to be selfish for some moments in your life, and take care of yourself. Even caregivers, parents and nurturers need to take good care of themselves. Submit, occasionally, to your list of TLC and WIIFM and you may be in a heightened state of capability and performance. Celebrate your success. Learn from your defeats, failures and disappointments. Develop wisdom. Write your philosophy and wisdom out, and articulate with others.

Have a private chat with yourself, and review your list. And, listen closely to it.

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