Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Competing Like Chrissie Wellington, Well Not Exactly

Hello, friends.
It has been a while since I wrote as I was preparing for, and racing Ironman Zurich/Switzerland. I completed my 13th Ironman triathlon in painful style, having discovered a sprained left foot prior to the race. I have no idea what caused it, however I experienced gout-like symptoms, suspected metatarsal fracture, and I could not put my whole weight on it. With such worrying conditions before the race, I had to consolidate my race-strategy and race on a series of tactics. It was an uncomfortable (read: painful) and carefully positioned (literally) race, where I had to focus on the end-game. Complete my 226K in spite of the debilitating injury, or risk losing the goal by falling out due to injury. I decided to shift my focus to what I could manage and control.
Ignore the uncontrollable factors, and pay attention to what I could do - that was my approach. I opined: If Chrissie could do it, so could I. My plan worked, and I am grateful for having read the words of wisdom of Macca and Chrissie from their biographies. I will post more on my experiences and race review shortly. Thank you for your patience.

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