Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swimming Long & Flying Like Butterflies

For Malaysians and Singaporeans, the annual Kapas-Marang 6.5K Open-Water Swim held in Malaysia is a challenge worth achieving. Open-water swimming can be as long as the standard road-run marathon that is so popular these days. You have a wide menu of races such the Standard Chartered marathon series, Sundown Marathon, and the marquee Sheares Bridge Run/Army Half-Marathon.

Our friend, Tobias Frenz completed the 26-mile (42 km) Extreme North Dakota Watersports Endurance Test recently, finishing in fifth place. In our interview with Tobias two years ago, we know him to be an elite age-grouper, endurance athlete who has completed the Ironman World Championships in Kona. He also once won three Ironman distance races within two days! Tobias is now focused on ultra-long distance, open-water swimming as his current challenge.
Tobias’s friend, Dan Projansky finished last in the same race down the mighty Red River of the North, however he completed it with the butterfly stroke! Dan swam in this excruciatingly challenging stroke from Grand Folks, North Dakota to Oslo, Minnesota. He completed the amazing challenge in 14 hours 30 minutes. You can imagine how difficult sighting was for him. This race is also open to kayakers (single or double), canoers, surf-skiers, stand-up paddle boarders and relay swimmers (2-6 members).

We will be interviewing open-waters swimmers Tobias, Dan, and Darren Miller shortly. Keep your sights forward!

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