Friday, July 27, 2012

Run When You Can

Running is ubiquitous. It is a universal sport. It is as natural as taking a stroll, or running after the bus. You may be reminded by the way running has been integrated into our language:

Run away from danger.
People give you the run around.
Some people run away from responsibility
Others are on the run from the law.
Have you run your own business before?
How do you run your department?
Some run circles around us.
Perhaps it is time to make a run for it?
The house looks run down from the outside.
Beware the runaway train!
So, be mindful of how pervasive and persuasive running can be. This is my ex-colleague, Boon’s new blog. He is a PMET who is a talented, self-taught artist, who we enlisted for years for his visual art creativity. His art deserves a large audience because of his astute and acute observation of life.

Life imitates art. Art imitates life. Make the connection. Run for your life.

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