Friday, June 29, 2012

The Theatre Behind All Engagements

Theatre can teach us much about how we can live our lives. After all, Shakespeare wrote, ‘All the world’s a stage, and we are the actors…’ Life is full of its moments of drama, and this makes us engaged with them. The dramas involve conflict, relationships, how we relate to each other, and whether we resolve the conflict. In comedy or suspense, tension is followed by relaxation. Taking the director’s blueprint for shooting a film or directing a stage-play, we can cleverly apply it to our athletic pursuits. The four elements listed below describe how you can direct yours session with purpose and premise.
Scene: In the living-room (as per set-up).

Setting: Training for cycling (day or night); mindful that it is not noisy if it is in the late-evening.

Characters: You, the time-crunched athlete. Who else is around you, who may render assistance (get you another towel, fill your water-bottle, or watch out for your safety).

Situation: Training for a triathlon, and the weather is inclement. Need more bang-for-buck for each training session. Your training menu for the session is your script, so stick closely to your script.

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