Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grin, Grind and Grunt

I have ridden on my turbo-trainer four times this week, totaling eight hours since Tuesday. Not the best place to ride when you have good weather, but way safer than riding on congested roads filled with temperamental riders and drivers. It is during these long and hard, indoor, rides that my mind has to work tough to not surrender to the discomfort and pain. It is also through sessions like this, that I ask questions and reflect on values like patience, persistence, determination, tenacity, commitment, decisiveness and diligence.

Working hard and putting in effort, can take its toll on our mind and body. Our brains are easily distracted, so any opportunity to deviate from our conscious awareness and sensation is a welcomed relief. Pain versus pleasure: easy choice isn’t it? Down play one, and crank the other one up.

When you prepare for an examination, nearly complete a stretched-out project, or even a sports race you can draw deeply upon your reserves. By reserves, I mean your energy, mental stamina and psyche. Recall what it felt like at the end of your examination period – what did it feel like after you completed your task? Did you feel drained and relieved? You just wanted to sleep over it, or just do something recreational.

Part of the grind is to keep doing the hard yards, engaging your discipline, and activating your resolve. Persist in your goals, and you will develop strength of character especially when it comes to marathon projects and tasks. You grin quietly to yourself as you go about your task. You may grunt as long as it activates your energy systems to help you through your grind. Grind out your best results, and perform to the best of your ability.

Sometimes, a ride on a turbo-trainer or climb up a long flight of stairs can be edifying and refreshing on one’s being.

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