Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Integrity Matters Everywhere

‘Honesty is the best policy, until you are married.’ ~ Anonymous

Do honesty, truthfulness and trust matter to you? How much so?

Can we be too honest? Honesty is an analogous process: it is measured from 0-100 percent. ‘Darling, what do you think of my new hair-style?’ Lest you venture a response, think through thoroughly your response. She may not be expecting your total honesty. This is not Simon Cowell at his controversial and critical best. The truth may hurt, but at what expense? Even if it is not intended to be malicious, the damage criticism creates can be psychologically and emotionally permanent.

Trust is digital: all or nothing. If you have been betrayed before, how willing are you to trust that person again. Integrity combines trust and honesty, yet it is also about the amalgam and structural stability of these values combined.

Here, on this blog we aim to report on what is accurate as possible. Although the truth is out there, we are responsible for sourcing it out. Seeking our resources is part of being resourceful*.
I just completed reading the biography ‘Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell’, who is the producer of ‘X-Factor’ and was the lead-judge in ‘American Idol’. An investigative reporter wrote the book that proposes penetrating insight and frankness. Cowell’s rise from failed recording company executive to television celebrity and media icon, is fodder for tabloids and mainstream news. There is more than meets the eye on television. I leave you to be judge over his style and approach to business.
*Once I gain copyright permission from a few photographers, I will post some pictures from Sunday's TRI-Factor Cycling race.

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