Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mizuno Mount Faber 10K Run 2012

Today was my sixth continuous training day of the week. I have about a week and a half of heavy sessions to complete, before a proper taper for Ironman Switzerland. As of this week, I covered a total of 17 hours of triathlon training. 29 days more to go before Ironman Switzerland, in Lake Zurich.
I raced in this Mizuno Running Series 10K run, which is my third consecutive attempt, since 2010. This short, but challenging 10K run takes place on Singapore’s second-highest hill (we have no mountains, except those in our minds), Mount Faber. It is a 1.5K climb, which occurs around the fourth-kilometre mark. This year's design is routed slightly differently, with an elimination of a gradual climb on the last 2K-mark. The heat and humidity was consistently familiar, so the three water-points were a welcome relief.

It was a good hit out this morning, as this race was part of my preparation for my upcoming triathlon on 15 July. This fast race constituted my anaerobic/speed training; as such, I was bedecked in full race-day gear. Although I missed out on the top-10 placing once again, I believe I equaled last year’s timing. I was pleased that despite a heavy training week, and yesterday’s 6-lap lagoon swim and a 5K barefoot-run that my legs could still make the run up Mt. Faber. Elite age-grouper, Melvin How wrote me to say that he would never commit to training the day before a race. I suspect that I could have run a sub-44 minutes and earned a podium finish, if it were my A-race. However, as a training session, this was as good as would be.
Would you believe that Andrew (in blue, 2nd from front) was on his training run?
I hit the first two kilometres in less than nine minutes, so it was too soon to risk fatigue. I held back my speed, as the long slope was to welcome us. I was pleased to receive encouragement from Andrew Ngo, who happened to run with us on his 20K training session. He increased his lead soon, and I was left to trail and overtake the runners just ahead of me. I was surprised to see my upstairs neighbour (with his daughter) who came to support his son (who did 1:06). After the slope, most of the descents were fast and furious. I held back, attempting to engage my ‘second wind’. The inner working of the Kreb’s Cycle was never far from my mind.
The middle section was more of recovery, and I relaxed my pace on the flat section of the course. I was joined by tri-buddy Kumar on the last 3K, and we ran side-by-side for while, until I decided to tear away from him at the last 200 metres. I crossed the line in about 44:30, spent but satisfied. I still had residual speed, and kept a sub-4:30min/K average pace throughout the race.
Jayson eager to attack the course after a PB in his last run.
After the race, I connected with familiar faces and offered recognition to the winners. Matthew Wong and I adjourned for breakfast, and chatted about his Diploma course in Sports Science. Wilson Ang and he will test me on sub-maximal fitness testing over the next two weekends.
A very fit, Terrence (in blue vest) ran a sub-43 minute race.
Congratulations to Rachel Wen Li for another top-10 (5th) podium placing. She ran with her equally fit husband, Poon Zi Li. Terrence D’Silva also ran another splendid race; he did well at the Sundown 21K Run a fortnight ago, with 1:36++. Thank you Runevent Shots and Eye-See-Eye-Shoot for their lovely photographs of my friends and I.
Just posted: My race results. Missed the top-10 prizes again. I was 13th last year. Perhaps, next year...
I have the TRI-Factor 21K to run a week before Zurich, and that will be last big hit before my 226K triathlon.


hayatkhan said...
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Gary Cummins said...

Good to see some more reviews of the race up. Good luck in your preparations for your next few races.

I did the race myself and also am doing the tri factor run (only the 10.5km though)

My review of the race is here...