Monday, June 25, 2012

Decisive Moments: Never Too Late!

This may sound like a cliché, yet the above phrase rings true for many, and it may be a truism. The saying ‘Better late than never’ assures us that ‘now’ is the ‘decisive moment’ to anything. As your own leader in your life, and also with others, be decisive.

World-renowned photographer, Cartier-Bresson used to describe his creative work as ‘decisive moments’. The difference between an amateur photographer and professional photographer is, a professional knows WHEN to take the photograph. Learning from the wisdom of hindsight, or learning not to make the same mistakes twice, is crucial to developing our smarts. Intelligence unapplied becomes useless, and create self-doubt and regret if we are not mindful or aware.

Uncle Kor is, arguably, Singapore’s oldest marathoner. He decided to initiate changes to his life and lifestyle, and he now influences positively to a new generation of runners. Now, he is not reckless and is completely aware of his physical and medical limitations. Running is an activity that adds to his life, and he derives numerous benefits from it.

Do you have to wait for a life-changing moment before you institute changes to your current life? Do you need to experience the ‘tipping point’ of life’s dramas and crises before you will commit to doing something different? When is the ‘right time’? Procrastination can rob us of our proverbial ‘nine lives’. Use them, but don’t use them up at once.

Your next moment is a decisive one. Do something. Do anything. Don’t let it slip by unaware!

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