Saturday, December 10, 2011

Your Finishing Pose

Chrissy Wellington completes her win with the Blazeman Roll (in memory of the brave Ironman John Blaise who was stricken with Lou Gehrig Disease). Greg Welch did a high heel click when he crossed the line for his Kona championship win. Craig ‘Crowie’ Alexander celebrated like-wise with a similar diamond-legged jump this year. Macca stabbed the air with both his index-fingers when he won his first Ironman world championships in 2007.
Wilson embraces a familiar milestone (Courtesy: PhotoPix).
Your pose when you cross the line matters only to you. Whether you smile, grin, grimace or wince you made it. To go so far, for so long, indicates your true grit. Even if you did not complete in your attempt (due to injury and bodily dysfunction), the weeks of lonely, pain-staking workouts must account for something. Nobody has a right to wrest it away from your calloused hands. If you have to compete for it, so be it. It is a privilege you earned and you have every right to will yourself through the line, with or without assistance.
Vijay pumps his fist in his first IM finish (Courtesy: PhotoPix).
Register for your event. Train hard for it. Show up for race day. Be steadfast and resolute. Keep your eye on the prize. Jog. Walk. Crawl on your belly if you must. Just do what you need to do. Just focus on the end-point and reel yourself in. Your dream to complete is your magnet, that attracts you there with your plans and preparation. The suffering that you undergo is part of your journey, that adds to your character development and perspective of your world.

Soak in the sun. Bathe in your joy. Shower in your moments! Immerse yourself in your freedom. Plunge into your future. That is your destiny.
The runner in the background is headed for his dream.

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