Friday, December 9, 2011

The Sum of All Our Beliefs

'If you think you can, or cannot - you're right.' ~ Henry Ford

Our behaviors are driven by our beliefs and values. Renes Descartes wrote that we are govern by our thoughts, words and actions. Our beliefs are our motives and motivations for what we do. Our beliefs can limit or enhance our actions, and thus our results.

Sports and sporting activities include how we involve our beliefs. If our beliefs create choices for us, then they become relevant and useful for us in our future. When our beliefs reduce our choices and flexibility, then they need to be updated or removed from our mental programming.

When you earn achievements and accomplishments, they shift our beliefs about our capabilities. Each success in our sporting endeavours springs forth new beliefs about our abilities. I have noticed that the recent recepients of the Ironman Western Australian Ironman triathlon were eager to sign up for a new race. In fact, some attempted to sign up for next year's edition, which sold out this morning within 69 minutes! For those who did a personal best, tehir mental programming suggested doing another one in the near future, so as to crack new mental and physical barriers.

Shift your beliefs, update them, and restructure them - and enjoy new results and personal success!

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