Thursday, December 8, 2011

Changing The Way You Look At Your World

Our opinions are our theories.

Theories change; thus, our opinions change, too. Our perceptions of our world are ours; they are entirely our own possessions. Our sensory interpretations of our world are part of our map. This map – a work-in-progress – is continually being updated. What is truth, fact, and reality is determined by our own choices, perceptions, mindsets and attitudes.

Positive-minded people are not born; they develop their positivism through their experiences, education, knowledge, opinions, awareness and judgments. Optimism can be learnt, although it may not be the most reliable and accurate indicator during a crisis. When crises emerge, we need to be prepared for the inevitable and unpredictable.

There are ways to alter the way we view the world with promise, premise and purpose.

1)    Surround yourself with experts, and learn from them by asking questions.
2)    Challenge the status quo. What is accepted may not be the best or most useful.
3)    Focus on useful behaviors; reduce or eliminate useless behaviors. We have choices.
4)    Focus on what has gone well; catch people doing right, instead of only the wrong.
5)    Participate in sports: it builds character; promotes a sense of healthy competition, excellence and achieving goals.
6)    Celebrate with others. Celebrate the success of others.
7)    Be inspired by role models, films and biographies. Ask what makes these people tick, differently.
8)    Learn by doing and immersing yourself in the experience. Plunge yourself into the change process.
9)    Travel is a good way to make comparison and contrasts with what we know, and have yet to know.
10) Stay actively in touch with others; network actively with people you have placed in your contact list. The future is about connections and connectivity. Harness technology for these reasons.

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