Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spinning Away Excuses

I did a 120K ride this morning and afternoon, as the weather was inclement. The monsoon season deters riders from making their pedaling sojourn since it means cleaning up after making a mess. Your bike forks are subject to accumulation of dirt and debris that are spun inside during your ride. A wet road enhances adhesion of these foreign particles, and scratches to your paintwork are a risk you take when ride. It was tempting to call the ride short when it drizzles, however brave the elements and temptation we must. Otherwise, plans become compromised as we fine easy excuses to ditch training.

I have focused my energies in training to completing specific sets, swimming more, getting my nutrition needs pin-pointed, developing rising strength and flexibility. I am certain it will convert into the outcomes that I seek in my quest for my PB in Taupo. I note all my measurements on my Garmin 310XT, as my RPE, and for my post-training evaluations.

Fox sent me my new weekly training schedule. Mercifully, this week is  ‘easier’, with less emphasis on specific sets. It is more about keeping my body engaged in the routine, as well as recover from the last fortnight’s work. Sleeping about 7-8 hours a night has been instrumental in my ability to make some gains in strength. I am fully recovered from my flu, and should be shifting towards higher gear.


Spinning in NYC said...

What kind of temperatures are you dealing with at the moment?

Enrico Varella said...

Hello. It is the monsoon (rainy) season in December. Annual average temperatures are 24-33 degrees Celcius. The humidity can be as close to 100 percent on certain days. If you ride on an indoor trainer, you will need an electric-fan to dispel the still air.

sabina moon said...
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