Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Write A Bit, A Day, Your Way

For the last three years, I wrote almost everyday to fulfill my goal of daily blogging, for three years. I gave credit to marketing guru, Seth Godin for the initial idea and challenge. Having achieved that, I slowed down and, admittedly, slagged off, while Godin continues to this very day. I am picking up my own gauntlet. 

Writing is a useful skill to acquire, develop and grow with. It is a form of communication, yet it is more than that. The act of writing is about self-expression. We can express through the written word, selecting words from our vocabulary to express our memories, reflections, opinions and imagination. It helps us reveal parts of ourselves, and allows us to discover our psyche, spirit and character.

To reiterate: write with your heart, then with your head. Write whatever you like. Even if it is a sentence, pour your heart into that sentence. It is like the Starbucks' slogan: Pour your heart into very cup. Inject your values and sense of self into your writing.

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