Saturday, February 16, 2013

Time-Crunched But Time-Based (IMNZ 2013)

Despite having tight working schedules of the last few weeks (and it is no excuse), I have stuck to my commitment by training as diligently as I can. Interestingly, my cumulative mileage and training hours per week has been one of the highest in years. I tend to do about 12-14 hours per week on my heaviest week, however for Ironman New Zealand, I have hit an average of 13-15 hours per week, with some weeks going past 15 hours. Since Monday, in spite of unusually wet weather, I have clocked the following hours:

Monday: Running (2 hours/21km)
Tuesday: Road-riding (4 hours)
Wednesday: REST (compulsory)
Thursday: Running (2 hours/21km, AM); sports massage (PM) 
Friday: Indoor-riding (2 hours)
Saturday (today): Running (2 hours/21km); indoor-riding (1:45)
Total: 14 hours

As you observe, I had zero swimming time which is not useful. However, I will swim tomorrow after my ride. I aim to clock about 4 hours of tempo-based riding. This should bring my weekly training-hours to about 18 hours, which is considered one of my highest for a long-block. Tapering should begin end of next week. I have been training in cooler conditions, so I hope to brave and brace the cold elements better this year.

Thank YOU, generous sponsors for donating to my fund-raising. We have hit the NZ$1,000.00-mark. I am motivated by your generosity of spirit and consideration for others, and this has spurred me on through my hard hours. I suffer through my bad days, yet I am grateful to be able to complete the sessions. My strategy for IMNZ 0213 will be: stick to aerobic zone pace; mindful of nutrition; and be aware of my rhythms and bodily signals. My race number is #1110 and this will be my fourth attempt at this race, and I hope to do my best. A PB would be splendid, to say the least. 

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