Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Discipline As A Way of Life

I learnt very early in my youth, how important discipline was. It was a tough value to embrace and imbue into my evolving character. 

I was in the uniformed group in secondary school called the National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) for four years. I graduated with my final rank as sergeant; I would have appreciated a higher rank, however, I reinstated myself when I was commissioned as an infantry officer in  my national service stint. I earned abject lessons as a young officer cadet; nine months of unconventional military leadership education had a powerful impact on my life.

Sports also factored heavily in my life: self-taught track/trail runner, competitive bodybuilder, marathoner, and Ironman triathlete. I received heaps of useful advice and realisations from training, nutrition, rehearsals and competing. Currently, training about 15 hours per week before an Ironman triathlon (226km) involves discipline of various combinations and permutations. Enjoying adequate sleep is also part of the discipline of smart training and preparation. Not easy to do, when you are time-crunched. So, I am clear and exact about what my Needs, Luxuries and Charities (Experience Orientated Management, EOM) are. 

As a self-employed, leadership consultant, running my own business I learnt numerous lessons about discipline. Measurements and measuring was a vital part of my profession. Valuation and evaluation, the ability to engage others and be engaging, were aspect of my discipline I had to convey in every interaction and intervention. The many writing opportunities also taught me the relevance of structure, endurance, resourcefulness and diligence.

Leadership Lessons: Inject discipline into your life. Which activities demonstrate your sense of discipline? How do you recover when you lapse in your discipline? 

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