Friday, January 11, 2013

Squeeze It All In!

You are time-crunched. You need to work. Yet, you need to train. How would you resolve that?

The time-tight triathlete can engage his/her flexibility. That is, create choices for yourself. Something is better than nothing. Less may be more. More rest could be conducive to your recovery and, subsequent, performance. Here are some suggestions for staying aligned to your long-term goals:

1) Do something useful and purposeful everyday: rest, recover, train, walk, visualise, meditate.
2) Vary your duration. 20 minutes or two hours. Work it in, during your free slot.
3) Heavy easy, moderate and hard days. Heavy and hard days drain your body, and activates fatigue.
4) Make a substitute. Rest today, and train a little more tomorrow.
5) Complete your intended total training hours within the week. Complete most it as soon as possible. 
6) Rest up once you hit your target hours of training. A little more may be useless, if it serves to sap you of your energy and much-needed rest and recovery.

Leadership Lessons: Make it happen. Do something useful. Act on it. Distract from your procrastination. Consistency of action is the way to mastery and being master over your condition.

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