Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Giving Back As Giving Forward

One of the principles of influence (Robert Cialdini, PhD.) is Reciprocity. This is the notion of 'give and take'. It is so easy to receive, however how often do you give back? 

To take, but not return is tantamount to being parasitic. These are people who leech on others, draining of energy, information, finances and their goodwill. Energy is a currency for circulation, without which stasis and staleness set in. When we move goodwill around, by various ways of contribution and concession, we redistribute equity, fairness and equality. Imbalances occur when we hoard, and hoarders can be excessive in retaining surplus.

You can also pay it forward. In this approach, you help somebody new by way of favour or deed. Acts of charity are part of this; as well as rendering assistance to the needy and needful. Coaching new triathletes and runners online and via Social Media is one way I pay back for my the gratitude I hold for my coaches and mentors. When budding entrepreneurs and businesspeople seek my advice, I share my knowledge and perceptions with them over intensive and intimate conversations. I have benefitted much from giving; you give out without giving up anything harmful to yourself.

There are seven weeks left, before I attempt my 15th Ironman triathlon in Taupo, New Zealand. I will be attempting to raise more funds for my charity of choice. I have supported Cystic Fibrosis For Kids (CF4Kids) since 2010, and will continue to help them raise funds for the children to exercise their dis-ease away. Every bit and gesture helps. Please help me spread the word on my fundraiser's web-page. Thank you all!

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