Sunday, January 13, 2013

Checking Credentials

How do you build your credentials? How often do you update your resume? More importantly, how often do you update your skills?

I read many LinkedIn resumes, and they are suitably impressive. I appreciate the many years put into building professional value and employability. Many also describe their impressive and inspiring stories. I enjoy reading them, and aspiring to emulate some of these skills and experiences.

I am not a professional sports-coach. I am passionate about endurance sports, especially triathlons. I offer my assistance and time to neophytes and seasoned competitors. What I have learnt, I learnt from my experience racing since 2004. I can only offer my tacit experience and wisdom of staying sustainable in the sport. I focus on appeal on the mature athlete, as I empathise and relate strongly to an aging body. I have my fair share of injuries, rest and recovery issues, experience strict working schedules and challenges associated with being focused and passionate in these sports. 

In my first profession and job, I worked in an international fitness and recreation facility within a five-star hotel. I also managed gyms, taught dance-exercise/aerobics, and gave sports massage treatment. I have a working diploma in fitness and recreation; certificates in exercise, nutrition, and exercise instruction; my post-graduate is in education management. I trust these qualifications support my commitment to helping others in a safe, assuring and relevant way. My racing history provides me a platform to test out, evaluate and prescribe exercise prescription. Of course, I am also being coached by elite athletes and experts. My working schedule and lifestyle allows me to travel, frequently, to race and compete with the best in my age-group. I am grateful for these opportunities to benchmark and learn from these amazingly enthusiastic and highly committed athletes.

Making continued progress in my training and  racing performance is also my validation. I believe that by sharing with my readers and friends, I earn more value for my time and knowledge. When I tweet, blog and post I seek the counsel of others. Other opinions matter to me. Let me know how I may help.

Leadership Lessons: Build your credibility. Move from credibility to incredibility. Not the other way around. Move from acquiring knowledge to applying knowledge. Enhance your skills, and build on your potential.

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