Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mega-Tri 2013 Race Report (Part 1)

Photo-credit: Lynn Woo
After two years, the Mega-Tri returned with three categories: Olympic Distance (OD), 2XOD, and 3XOD. I participated in the long-distance triathlon that comprised a 3km swim, 102km ride, and 27km run.

I joined a group registration, organised by my friend Charles. I attended the race briefing two evenings before, conducted by Deca-Ironman (that's 10 Ironman triathlons over 10 consecutive days), Kua Harn Wei. A recent, first-time father, of twins Dr Kua walked us through the race course for those present at the Carbo-Party. The buffet spread was better than most M-Dot races I have attended, and it kept us occupied before the briefing. Held in a slightly different direction and location than in 2011, this event saw runners run on a park-connector (parallel path) towards the farthest end of the airport runway.

My race-kit included a sling-bag with my Adidas Adizero, race-bib/race-belt; Elite Razor (custom-made) tri-bike with bento-box (4 Hammer Nutrition energy gels, 14 Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes capsules), water-bottle (Hammer Nutrition Perpeteum mixture), water-bottle (filled), and a easy-inflate cannister. I used Continental Competition tubulars (last used on 15 July in Ironman Switzerland). I also relied on my Garmin 310XT heart-rate monitor/watch to strictly stick to my aerobic threshold. At 5.30am, mounted on my riding-shoes/cleats and light breakfast (cup of coffee, and a mug of Perpeteum), I set off for the 15km ride to the race venue at Changi Ferry Terminal...(to be continued)...

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