Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dream B.I.G. for 2013!

Happy New Year!

Thank you for supporting this blog over the year. I have, deliberately, reduced its intensity of release because I have met my three-year target. However, in the prospect of sharing more new research and discoveries in personal leadership and endurance sports, I will continue with the flow of thinking and acute observation.

As has been covered, resolutions are not the best way to go for the new year. Instead, clear, relevant, and measurable goals are. Marry your goals with your dreams and aspirations, and this Integrated Goal (IG) assumes new meaning and life. Make it B.I.G.: Bigger Integrated Goals, by collaborating with others on. Help others fulfill their dreams while you are at it. This is my BIG for 2 March.

Do up a simple list of your goals and dreams for the year. What would you like to achieve? Which new experiences do you relish doing? Which one skill would you like to learn (Mastery)? Which club or society would you like to volunteer or assist in? Who would you like to meet? Which Purpose or Cause would you like to support? Which Tribe would you connect with (Common Vision)?

Dream big. Achieve bigger. Get to work on your list.

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