Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Coaching Advice

I am not a full-time coach, however I enjoy teaching neophytes what I have learnt. I believe that sharing expands on my ability to teach, train and consult. You can't be an effective educator or teacher without being generous in your sharing of knowledge and skills.

Having spent my first three years of my working career as a gym-instructor (precursor of personal trainers), gym-manager and as a dance-exercise instructor (IDEA-ACE), I have cut my teeth teaching exercise instruction to members 14-75 years. Personalised instruction from a certified trainer/instructor is vital to your ability to teach safely and soundly.

I believe in the relevance of a coach. You can learn much from an online coach, or one face-to-face. An experienced coach is one who has taught and learnt from his own experiences. He ensures that you work within your limitations, work around your concerns, and enhance your capability. An effective coach attends to your goals, with a realistic, yet optimistic approach. He interviews your thoroughly, makes a educated diagnosis, before proposing a prescription that works around your time, goals, and abilities. 

To deny yourself of such an expert/expertise is to restrict your potential. You are then left with a barrage of possible disappointments, mistakes, fatigue and misplaced intentions. Seek the assistance of a coach, and enjoy continued progress.

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